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  • Mobile: 09896974902 , Landline: 01262-292923

    TDBD Engg works

    Whenever we hear this name, A calm and satisfied smile comes on our face. TDBD deals in LIFTING & SHIFTING of Houses and Commercial complexes. We were facing a lot of problems because of the low level of our sweet home .We think to sell it many times but could not do it as we all love it so much . It was like a dream and we did not want to shatter it. But in rainy season it seems like a nightmare as the level was so low and a heavy motor was being used by us to throw the rain water outside. We were not finding a proper way to get rid of this problem. Then somebody told us about TDBD .

    Firstly we did not believe because it seems impossible to lift an entire house but after listening him we met Mr. Sushil Sisodia and talked to him about the level of our house. It was about 4 feet lower than the level of our street. He assured us that they can fix our problem and can bring it in level by lifting up.

    We also visited some sights on which they were working and when we got assured, we handled them the contract of our house . The contract terms were quite satisfactory including all maintenance and time period. They asked us to complete the lifting in 2 months.

    Finally we handled our house to them on 7/12/2010. They started working and within a few days our house was standing on jacks, It was an amazing experience to watch our house on jacks and then it was ready for lifting up.

    Lastly the day came, we all were at the sight to see the miracle of lifting up our house. They,their manager & their skilled labour with latest technology and confidence were ready . Before starting the lifting process they worshiped the God to make their job successful.

    We were watching the process with big surprise and our house was coming upwards day by day. They were giving amazing performance and after one and half month only they completed their job.

    We praise them for their efficient work and techniques, They have clear and specific ideas , They have skilled & motivated manpower which make their task easier , They use latest technology to complete their work efficiently . They have excellent team spirit and we really appreciate their leadership qualities. we also appreciate their punctuality with which they worked and did their job before estimated time .Their confidence , honesty and behavior should also be praised as they are true to their words .they gave a new life to our dream house we are really very thankful to them .

    From : Nandal Family

    Ravinder Nandal
    Mob: 09896974902
    Landline: 01262-292923